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  • Katharine & Kelvin Schafli

    We wanted to make contact to let you know that Katharine and I had a simply superb time at the cottage.

    It was more than we expected and is a truly fantastic escape. An exceptional location that could not even be spoilt by us accidentally discovering the dreadful ‘tourist-ville’ over the near hills. There are a few things that could possibly be improved, like some additional equipment and basics in the kitchen for those who enjoy cooking, but we’re not really complaining.

    Loved the privacy, the peace, the friendly felines, the location and of course the cottage itself and all it’s charm. Rooftop evenings were the routine for our stay.

    It’s hard to believe the valley is still so rural, although you must surely have seen much change in the time you’ve owned the property. It has it’s own charm and wonderful appeal that makes the location and environment all the more special. I can totally understand how you must have been so tempted to buy into the valley all those years ago. In fact we ourselves were curious about how one might go about that after only a few days at the cottage.

    Would love to visit again, and perhaps we shall in winter.

    Thanks again for the great escape.

    All the best,

    Kelvin and Katharine

  • Nada & Younos, Honeymooned At Kucuk Ev

    We booked Kucuk Ev as part of our honeymoon trip around Turkey. We stayed there for one week. There’s nothing to say about this stay better than that it was AMAZING… in every way!

    The cottage:
    Kucuk Ev is a very beautiful cottage. My favourite part is the garden. (It is just like in the pictures). It is so nice to sit outside, and have breakfast in the morning, or watch the sunset colors and the mountain scenery from the rooftop. The small pool is a luxurious addition. The interior of the cottage is very authentic in terms of decoration. And in terms of comfort, everything you need is provided (kitchen appliances and tools, towels, bed sheets). The bedroom is air conditioned, which was really good during August weather. There’s a nice lady that visits every other day to do the laundry (if you want) and do the necessary cleaning. The cottage is very private (that was one of our main concerns when choosing a cottage), and the neighborhood is VERY safe.

    Kaya Village (The neighbourhood):
    The closest business to the cottage is a very nice local restaurant, run by a turkish family. The food there is just perfect, the family is very friendly. There are also a couple of other restaurants around the village. The village is high on the mountains, so the scenery you see while walking around the village is just fascinating. To get some groceries to keep in the fridge, we usually bought them from Fethyie (the city, down the mountains) on our way back from our daytrips around the area. You need to have a car for this, though.

    Jon was quick to respond to e-mails and professional, and doing business with him was a pleasure. I wish I could meet him to thank him in person, but his manager was as courteous and committed to excellence.
    The true metal of people appear in hardships and these people are gold; we came back to the cottage one day to find that there is no water, but this didn’t result in any inconvinience to us at all. The manager quickly sent someone with a key to another cottage where there was water, and he investigated the problem and found that the pump was broken. He apologetically explained that to fix it they need parts and won’t be able to get it before morning. I was ready for the worst given how remote that area is, but we didn’t feel any inconvenience. Actually we reported the problem at around 10 or 11 PM and it got solved next morning, without us feeling any inconvenience. This is as good as any 5 stars hotel, and this is all in a remote paradise.. this place is 7 stars!

    Tips: (Information not Baqshish)
    - The place is very comfortable, but remember that you originally signed up for a place in the wilderness.. so make some little preparations. Make sure to have a working cell phone, for situation where you will need to call the manager. A torch light would also be convenient since you might need to walk in an unlit alley if you want to get in/out of the cottage after dark (just a small section is unlit). Finally, don’t leave your food uncovered outside because there are cats :). You don’t need to prepare for mosquitos nor bugs (at least around the time we were there), and you don’t need to worry about other animals (only the cat thieves :) ).

    - I don’t know if it would be at all possible to stay in the cottage without having a car. Jon has two cars that he offers for rent, and renting from him would probably be better than my experience renting from a local company. Nothing against locals in general.. actually they are very nice people.. just this company. So if small car would be enough for you, take Jon’s and save yourself any possible hassle.

  • Sarah & Nick Taylor

    This was our first visit and we loved it.

    The house is fabulous ; I could actually live there! The fully fitted kitchen is incredible, especially as we love cooking and using local produce (Fethiye market on a Tues is a must). Gonul is incredibly helpful and all the cleaning ladies were charming. We enjoyed a gin and tonic on the roof and the shepherd next door would pop up for a chat, Turkish people are delightful, so kind. Istanbul restaurant in the “ghost town” is incredible and well worth a visit. It was lovely to meet Jon and next time we would like to have a trip to their home and cottages in the mountains !

    Best Wishes, Nick and Sarah Taylor

  • Sarah Corrigan & Pauline Davis

    This was my fourth visit to the Kaya Valley, but Mum’s first ever visit to Turkey.

    I was really happy to have managed to book Kucuk Ev, having tried unsuccessfully to book one of the Sakli Vadi cottages a couple of years ago, and it was just what was needed for a relaxing week away.

    The cottage is large and very well fitted out, with a lovely kitchen, large salon, cool bedroom and two bathrooms. However, the real draw was having a beautiful private garden with its own plunge pool. We spent many lazy hours sunning ourselves by the pool, or snoozing on the comfy beds in the garden. In my case, this turned out to be a very nice place to sleep out at night!

    Gonul and the other women who popped in to clean and tidy the cottage were efficient and unobtrusive and a nice touch for a cottage rental.

    The cottage is rural and quiet, apart from the odd cockerel, but close enough to neighbours and local village restaurants and a short drive to Gemiler Beach, or the larger more tourist areas of Fethiye, Olu Deniz and Hisaronou if required.

    We were both very impressed with both the cottage and the area, Mum commenting on how green and pretty she thought it all was, having expected somewhere more dry and arid.

    Many thanks to Jon and Sandy for their kind hospitality during our stay, we loved visiting them in the mountains at Nif, seeing the new properties in development and meeting the animals!

    We will be back!

    Sarah & Pauline

  • Jonathan and Allison - 3rd. Year At Sakli Vadi

    This was our ninth year holidaying in Turkey and by far the best. We have stayed in Kinali at Sakli Vadi for the past three years, twice at the Forge which was wonderful and now at Kucuk Ev, which exceeded our high expectation.

    The house was wonderful and the views stunning. Peace, quiet and tranquillity in abundance – the perfect antidote to our stressful working lives and we are already planning to return next year.

    We particularly enjoyed seeing an eagle soaring above, meeting the locals and trying out our Turkish! and we returned home totally refreshed.

    Jon and Sandy are always helpful and obliging and we are pleased to be joining the ranks of regular returning guests.

  • Laurel & Rob Bruce Stayed In Kucuk Evi

    We are very sorry that this is a late review, but on our return to the UK life became very hectic again.

    Rob and I stayed in the beautiful Kucuk Evi in June for 10 nights. Just by saying that it was fantastic does not do it justice ! We arrived in Turkey after a very long flight which was very cramped and full, only to arrive at our own oasis. The villa was truly authentic even down to the beautiful, and very tasteful small ornaments that adorned the room from living, two bathrooms and the bedrooms.

    We were greeted by Gonul that spoke very good English and made us feel totally relaxed. We quickly got changed into something a little more relaxing, to stretch out on the loungers by the splash pool, which again was beautiful, very clean and just the right temperature to cool you down from the very hot weather outside. Within moments we felt very relaxed and the hustles and the bustles of the UK were a very distant memory.

    The rest our 10 days was taken up by eating at the local restaurants and especially the Kinali Restaurant where the owner and his family could not do enough for us, from cooking a meal late in the evening, calling taxi’s for us, hailing the local buses and helping us to prepare the open fire for our attempts at cooking lamb on open flames. Kucuk Evi is a long distance away from the loud music and flashing lights of the local tourist attraction area. So, once you are in Kucuk Evi, you truly can relax. The local beach at Gemiler Bay was beautiful and quiet, with calm waters which were very clean and clear.

    We will definitely return to OUR! little Kucuk Evi again very soon. Thank you Sandy and Jon for letting us share your beautiful hide away

    Kind Regards
    Laurel and Rob

  • Dennis & Molly McKinley, Kucuk Evi, June 2012

    Kucuk Evi is much better when you arrive !

    The feeling you have when you open the front door to the cottage is wonderful. So beautiful. We had great fires at night along with great food. The kitchen had everything you could wish for. We will go back again sooner rather than later. Gonul the manager was very helpful.

    Nothing to complain about. Local bus services every hour. Many thanks for a great time.

  • Irene & Markus Daubner's Comments On Kucuk Ev, Autumn 2011

    25th Sept. – 4th Oct. 2011

    Wonderful time in Kucuk Ev / Kaya Koy !

    In reality it looks even better than on the pictures. Kucuk Ev was the best place to be for our stay at the middle of the Turkish Riviera. We found everything put together with a lot of love for details. We enjoyed to have breakfast outside and in the evenings we had a romantic fire besides our dinner.

    With the hired car we have made nice trips to historical places and also to a very nice beach (northern area of the Patara Beach).

    Normally we are never going a second time to the same place or area because there are so many nice places in the world. Maybe we have to make an exception!

    Many thanks to Jon and Sandy for the possibility to stay in Kucuk Ev.

  • Inga & Taner Stayed In Bothe Kucuk Ev & The Forge In 2011

    We had a wonderful stay at The Forge and Kucuk Ev from May 19th til June 2nd.

    Kucuk Ev, which means Small House, is breathtaking well-decorated, and it is so huge.
    The kitchen is just the perfect place, also the two bathrooms are a pleasure. The living room is very comfortable, and we enjoyed to sit on the cushions on two rainy evenings during our stay. Barbecue is just fun in this house, as it is situated near by the kitchen. With all the laterns and candle holders you can illuminate your dinner perfectly.

    The valley really is a hidden paradise! Enjoy your stay, we will definitely come back and recommend this place to anyone looking for a traditional and extremly peaceful place in a beautiful setting!

  • Nisha Samuel & Carl Hughes Talk About Kucuk Ev

    3rd – 11th June 2011

    Kucuk Evi was a wonderful, tuck away haven – large, cosy, private and extremely comfortable. Everything was provided, from an arrival basket of wine, bread and fruits and a welcome by Gonul, the cottage manager.

    Kaya Koy, the area, was lush with hills and countryside. We did day trips everyday to the surrounding regions of Fethiye and also spent a couple of days just biking around the area. There are many fantastic restaurants just close by where you can sit under the trees and lunch and even use their outdoor swimming pool for a quick dip. The sun shone brilliantly in the sky and everyone in the village says hello as you go past them (if you are brave enough to say hello in Turkish ‘Merhaba’ ) too.

    The plunge pool was excellent for the hot days and the cottage has a lovely outdoor area where you can have your breakfast in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening.

    This holiday and choosing to stay here has been the highlight of this year. If you want to experience real Turkey and not a package holiday where you only meet other British and German tourists, then this is the perfect place to stay at.

    Thanks to Jon and Sandy for the opportunity to do so.

  • Bob & Helena Wyatt Stayed For 2 Weeks In June 2010

    10th – 24th June 2010
    Had a wonderful fortnight in Kucuk Evi. Really loved this spacious cottage, which lacked for nothing, even had some good books. Manager, Gonul, was very polite and attentive, nothing was too much trouble. Plunge pool was absolutely delightful, and a god send when temp rose to 45 deg! Local beach a trifle disappointing for us as we like to snorkle and it was just too busy with speed boats and jet skis. Bob enjoyed microlight trip (birthday treat) as well as paragliding and Helena had a blissful Turkish bath and oil massage. Local restaurant in Kinali was so good we didn’t bother to barbeque ourselves and the family were all delightful and so friendly. We hope the valley remains quiet and peaceful with only the sounds of nature all around.

  • Alessandra Spaccatrosi Loved Kucuk Ev - Late May, Early June 2010

    We just got back from 12 days at Kucuk Evi, that we absolutely loved. The cottage is lovely and much bigger than what it looks like in the pictures on the Sakli Vadi website. The interior is simply gorgeous and tastefully decorated. At every corner there is something to admire. We got to the valley without any hiccups thanks to the very precise and helpful instructions Jon and Sandy sent to us. After a journey started at very unsociable hours (our flight departed at 04:40!) we were especially grateful for a basket full of gorgeous Turkish fruit, veggies, wine and bread that was waiting for us in the kitchen.

    When we got to the cottage we also found out that a plunge pool had been built in the course of the winter, which really rounded everything up.

    Through a set of stone steps from the garden, it is possible to access the flat roof of the cottage from which we could see the whole Kaya Valley, the Ghost Town of Kaya Koy and the Baba Dag mountain, rising to nearly 2000 metres.

    We spent most of our evenings in the patio on the cushioned benches next to the Turkish fireplace reading, chatting and listening to the wonderful sounds of the valley and of its animals. We often used the barbeque grid to cook the wonderful lamb and chicken you can buy in Turkey.

    The bedroom was also very nice, air-conditioned (which is nice given the temperatures) and we even had a second en-suite bathroom.

    Fethiye is the biggest nearby town where we found everything we needed. On Tuesdays there is a large market where you can buy fresh products. We also shopped for supplies at Hisaranou which is extremely touristy but has a good selection of supermarkets where we could get some souvenirs at competitive prices without any hassle or tiresome bargaining. We found quite a few upmarket restaurants a couple of kilometres down the road close to the ruins in Kaya Koy. The closest beach is Gemiler Bay, where you can perform quite a few water sports. As it was quiet that we were after, though, we found lovely, almost deserted beaches, mostly used by Turks – where you do not have to pay to park your car – on the peninsula around Fethiye passed the Letoonia resort.

    We will definitely go back!

  • Trish & Frank Young Who Stayed At Kucuk Ev In May 2010

    Kucuk Ev is delightful, well equiped, cosy and with beautiful views around the valley. Fethiye is a lovely town, do try a Turkish bath at the old Hammam, Oludeniz very touristy. The drive to Fethiye from the house is lovely on the mountain road. If you like history there is a lovely walk to the site of a monastery and there are plenty of Roman ruins, plus Kaya Koy just in the village. The people are really nice and helpful, fruit and salads to die for. Tuesday is the weekly market in Fethiye and
    there is a good bus service. There are little shops to walk to if you do not have a car but if you really want to see the area you would need one unless you are very good walkers. The beach at Gemiler Bay is nice, but there is a nice little cove to walk to next to it which is usually quieter. You seem to have to pay to park at the beaches. We enjoyed eating at the house and taking advantage of the bbq but there are basic restaurants in the village. Alcohol and petrol are dearer than in the UK, best to ask in a restaurant the price of the bottle of wine before you decide to buy. No noise from telephones, planes, emergency vehicles, electric machines, TV’s, etc. just lovely peace.

  • Simon Harbottle

    Arrived at night and was shown to my cottage by Sandy and Jon’s manager, Gonul, which was very helpful. The next morning I awoke to explore Kucuk Ev and found it was clean and very well equipped. The wood burning stoves were excellent, because our visit was in December and they were needed on the odd occasion to warm up next to !

    Car hire is essential to explore the many historic sites and landmarks dotted around the area and very useful for trips into Fethiye. The bbq was a brilliant feature of the cottage and we used the outside seats many times to relax after a hard day’s holidaying ! The local restaurants are a must see and the people running them were very friendly and the prices affordable. A nice memory of the valley and area in general are the many stalls you see on the road side, where you can stop off and pick up fresh fruit and veg ; not only did it taste better but it was also much cheaper than Carrefour !! (mind the potatoes though – they are a bit squashy !)

    A very enjoyable stay and we will be returning in the summer to experience Turkey in the heat !!

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